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Family Law

It’s often said that aside from Traffic Court, Family Court is the one interaction with the legal system that the average member of the public is most likely to have. Nearly everyone has a spouse, child, or other relative which means the possibility of a problem that might end up in Family Court exists.

In California, Family Court cases run the gamut.

  • On the more typical end, there’s a divorce with all it’s attendant issues (e.g. alimony, child custody, etc).
  • It is also very common nowadays for individuals to have children without actually marrying, which triggers special requirements for fathers when it comes to custody, visitation, and support.
  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements are also becoming enormously common as more and more people realize that, if their marriage should end, they want it to do so in a managed and orderly way.
  • As medical science has advanced, there are more and more cases involving egg/sperm donors for, for instance, same-sex couples wanting to raise children.
  • Hybrid cases are also very common, such as cases involving both Family and Probate law, Family and Immigration (e.g. Special Immigrant Juvenile Status), and Family and Criminal law.
  • In a tragic sign of the times, more and more minor children have come to need guardianships as their biological parents become addicted to opioids and other drugs.

The emotional part of Family Court can be tremendously wearing. Many lawyers who will gladly handle other more dangerous cases purposely refuse to handle Family Court cases for this reason. Like with most cases, though, three things remain true: (1) it is tremendously important to get professional assistance sooner rather than later, (2) you’ll succeed if you keep your wits about you, and (3) preparation and research help tremendously.

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