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Military Veterans Law

Many veterans of the US Armed Forces have been left with injuries, mental conditions, and other disabilities which can plague them and their families for life. Of the veterans who do make it home, many — for a variety of reasons — do not receive the benefits they are entitled to.┬áThere are a host of benefits and services available to military veterans, but, unfortunately, actually getting those benefits and services is another story.

The firm has encountered many heart-wrenching instances, such as where:

  1. A veteran who served honorably in the era before computers were common was denied medical benefits because the government had lost the paper records proving his service.
  2. A veteran who served honorably died homeless and alone because he could not find help to navigate the claims process to get housing benefits.
  3. An honorably-discharged veteran suffering from debilitating PTSD could not get in to therapy for over a decade because he didn’t know where to start.

Part of obtaining benefits may also involve upgrading a veteran’s discharge too. For better or worse, the benefits and discharge upgrade process involves extensive documentation and rules. Can it be confusing? Yes. Is it worthwhile to do it anyway? Absolutely.

If you find yourself in a situation involving veterans benefits or discharge upgrades, please feel free to reach out to us.


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